E. Tsotsoros

Chairman of BoD and CEO

Message to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,

In 2017, the Greek economy came out of the eight-year recession, with growth rising to + 1.4% of GDP, compared with -0.2% in 2016. The implementation of structural reforms provided a strong base for the recovery of the country's growth dynamics and helped to re-attract investment, which during 2017 increased by 15%. Through the structural changes that are currently underway, Greece is heading for a gradual normalization of its access to the international capital markets, while the potential of the economy is promising, especially if combined with the expected debt relief decisions and of a more investment friendly tax policy.

2017 Highlights

372 million

Adjusted Net Income
Adjusted Net Income


DPS doubled vs 2016
DPS doubled


Decrease in Financial Expenses

Reduction of CO2 emission indicators over the last 4 years (tn/crude oil troughput)

Reduction of main air emission indicators over the last 5 years(tn/throughput)

16 million tons

Total Refined Product Sales

2017 Review

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Group Strategy

Having successfully implemented an important development and transformation program in 2007-2012, over the last five years the Group focuses on taking full advantage of its investments and maximizing economic return.

Group Business Activities

HELLENIC PETROLEUM in the Capital Markets

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Hellenic Petroleum share price vs 2016


Divident per share
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1.6 bn

Bonds issued in international Capital Markets
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Environment, Safety, Society and Governance

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Risk Management

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Main risk factors and mitigating measures

The Group is exposed to a variety of macroeconomic (foreign exchange, crude oil price, refining margins), financial (capital structure, liquidity, cash flow, credit), as well as operational risks. In-line with international best practices and within the context of the local markets and regulatory framework, the Group’s overall risk management policies aim at reducing possible exposure to market volatility and / or mitigating its adverse effects on the financial position of the Group to the extent possible.

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Financial Information

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Contact Information

Shareholders’ Contact

Shareholders, investors and financial analysts can contact the Group’s Head Office, 8A Chimarras st., GR-151 25 Maroussi, for the following Services:

Investor Relations Services
Tel.: (+30) 210 63 02 212
Shareholders' Services
Tel.: (+30) 210 63 02 978-98
Fax: (+30) 210 63 02 986-987

Website: www.helpe.gr opens in a new window
E-mail: ir@helpe.gr

Annual Report Feedback

The present report of HELLENIC PETROLEUM is addressed to all our stakeholders, who wish to be informed regarding the Group’s strategy, policy and business performance in 2017.

Any suggestion, concerning further improvement of the present report, as a tool for a two-way communication between the Group and its social partners, is welcome.

Contact info

Investor Relations Division
8A Chimarras str., GR-151 25 Maroussi
Τel.: (+30) 210 63 02 904
E-mail: ir@helpe.gr